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BC 404 

BC 404 is a silicone glycol that is used as a flow additive in paints, inks, and coatings. It is also used in lubricants, release agents, antifoams, and textile finishes. This product has antistatic attributes, is easily soluble in cool water and in resin systems, and provides lubrication and slip properties to a variety of substrates. It has a specific gravity of 1.06, and an INCI name of PEG-8 Dimethicone.


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Basildon Chemicals is a UK based specialist manufacturer and formulator of silicone emulsions and compounds. The Company is focused on the consumer markets of personal care, pharmaceutical and food, as well as supplying certain niche industrial markets such as silicones for coatings and ink for graphic art and inks industry.


Basildon Chemical Company Ltd.

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