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Hydro-Rez™ 1100D


Hydro-Rez™ 1100D is a sulfopolyester resin for water-based liquid inks that displays high gloss and good pigment wetting properties. It has an ideal lay of aluminum (metallization), has good resolubility, alcohol resistance and easy wash-up. Hydro-Rez™ 1100D is suitable for use in metallic inks, pigment dispersions and pre and post-metal primers.


Lawter supplies products and technical services for many specialty coating applications. The company's strength in rosin resin chemistry has made it a leading supplier to the thermoplastic road marking industry and water-borne coatings. Lawter provides specialty resins to the ink jet market, primer coatings industry other niche coating markets. They also offer quickset gel varnish, water-resistant gloss offset varnish and hybrid resin to the graphic atr and inks industry.



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