GrintoSOL™ 2428 

GrintoSOL™ 2428 is a highly refined, hydrogenated aliphatic solvent with relatively narrow boiling range, low aromatics and mild odor. This product has an initial boiling point of 240 and a final boiling point of 280, and is often used in ink oils and mineral oil distillates for offset inks.


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Ganga Rasayanie (P) Ltd. (GRPL) is engaged in downstream refining of various petroleum and coal tar based feedstocks. The resulting products are aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic solvent naphtha, aliphatic hydrocarbons, Special Boiling Point (SBP) Spirits, High Flash Mineral Oil Distillates and White Spirits, Custom made & Specialty Chemicals, Coal Tar, Creosote Oils, Tar Acid, etc. Ganga Rasayanie's products are for use in the graphic art and inks industry.


Ganga Rasayanie (Pvt) Ltd

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