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TRI-REZ® Polyol 1030-60 Polyester Resin 

Tri-Rez 1030-35是一款非结晶、低黏度饱和线性聚脂多元醇,专门为聚氨酯基涂料、胶粘剂和泡沫配方体系设计。其疏水弹性结构,使其成为配制高固体份水基聚氨酯树脂的理想多元醇。


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GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc., is a world leader in the manufacturing of cost-effective, high-quality specialty chemicals. Their main markets include but are not limited to surfactants, dispersants, specialty acrylic monomers and coating and resin additives. They also offer strong and versatile production capabilities with plants strategically located worldwide to reduce costs for customers.


GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc. TRIMET Products Group

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