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Cosmic Black D-2


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Cosmic Black D-2 is a pigment made from "Bone Black". Bone black is a natural black pigment created by destructive distillation of animal bones in the absence of oxygen. The subsequent pigment is created by crushing the bone char and screening it into various sizes, which range from 0.3 to 44 microns. These intermediary products are then custom blended to create a wide variety of shades which are suitable for many different applications. Some area applications are artist colors, paper products, paints and lacquers, leathers and vinyls, and plastics.


Ebonex Corporation is the largest producer of bone black pigments in the U.S. Ebonex and its predecessors have been producing bone black continuously since 1878 and at one time it was the largest single business in Detroit, Michigan. Our current facility, located in the southwestern Detroit suburb of Melvindale, has 64,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. Ebonex products have applications in the graphic art and ink industry including in artist colors, paper and printing inks.



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Ebonex Corp.

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