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UV MC Powder #17 Peach Orange 

UV MC Powder #17 Peach Orange is a microcapsulated, heat and solvent resistant pigment, which contains 2 - 5% photochromic dye and less than 3% moisture. The product changes color when exposed to sunlight / UV and reverts to its original color when the sunlight / UV is dimmed or blocked. High polarity solvents should be avoided since the microcapsules may be permeated and their contents affected. UV MC Powder #17 Peach Orange is suitable for plastic injection, aqueous, and solvent based inks and paints.




New Prismatic Enterprise (NCC) is a leading company in the field of colorchanging materials in Taiwan. They specialize in photochromic material, thermochromic material, glow-in-the-dark material, liquid crystal, long-lasting microencapsulated fragrance and black light material. Some NCC products can be used in aqueous and solvent based inks and paints for the graphic art and inks industry.


New Prismatic Enterprise

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