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Resiprene 35 

Resiprene 35 is a cyclized natural rubber soluble in odorless solvent, particularly in aliphatic hydrocarbon and cheap blends of aromatic and aliphatic. This product is suitable for protective and maintenance coatings as well as marine paints for brushing, rollers and spray applications. It is used to supply resistance to aqueous alkalis, acids and salt solutions in addition to water and humidity.


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PT. Industri Karet Nusantara is a manufacturer that specializes in rubber-based resin products for use in the Paint and Coatings, Graphic Arts and Inks, and Adhesives and Sealants industries. This company utilizes Italian technology to develop the products Resiprene 35 and Resiprene 36 for use as binder agents in heavy duty paints, protective coatings, marine paints, adhesive tapes, and printing inks.


PT. Industri Karet Nusantara

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