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Gum Rosin (X) 

Gum Rosin (X) is a slightly yellow natural resin composed of various resin acids that dissolves easily in organic solvents. This product is an important raw material used in the production of coatings and inks. It has a softening point of 76°C, an acid value of 166 mgKOH/g, and an ash content level of 0.02%.


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Wuzhou Longteng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that specializes in gum rosin and its derivatives used in the Graphic Arts & Inks industry. This company develops a wide range of rosin esters that are widely used in printing inks. Featured products include Gum Rosin (K), F-2116, and HRC9A.


Wuzhou Longteng Chemical Co., Ltd.

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