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Cenomic™ 6 


Bühler AG

Cenomic™ 6 is a horizontal full volume agitated bead mill - ideal for pass operation, in many cases highly suitable for economic recirculation mode. Conveying EcoMizer™-discs guarantee highest energy efficiency. Bead separation is accomplished by Bühler SCS™ (Superior Centrifugal Separation), consisting of a highly effective deflector with integrated EcoMizer™-function. Protected from wear a discharge screen is located within the deflector. Cenomic™ is highly recommended for products like protective coatings, paints, gravure inks and many more.



Bühler AG demonstrates expertise and the ability to deliver tailor-made systems for complex processes in various industries that involve wet grinding and dispersion. Bühler offers state-of-the-art machines and complete solutions by utilizing outstanding technology to improve the overall product and provide solutions for smooth production at high flow rates.

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