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Raystar™ Sparkle Gold RS8249 

Raystar™ Sparkle Gold RS8249 is an odorless powder that is part of Raystar™ Diamond Effect Pigments which consist of glass flakes coated with TiO2 and/or Fe2O3. A combination of super transparent substrate and transparent metal oxide layers with high refraction index, Raystar™ effect pigments posses of dazzling three-dimensional diamond luster, excellent color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. They create a brilliant, star-like glitter, a strong feeling of depth.


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Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. engages in developing and manufacturing pearl pigments and effect pigments used in the Graphic Arts and Inks industry. This company offers a wide range of pigments that provide outstanding stability, consistency and performance to color users. Featured products include Raystar™ Golden Lustre Series, Raystar™ Metalic Lustre Series, and more.


Zhejiang Coloray Technology Development Co., Ltd. 浙江凯色丽科技发展有限公司

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