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MARLOWET® LVS is an ether carboxylic acid which is synthesized from alcohol alkoxylates via carboxymethylation. The MARLOWET® line of ether carboxylic acids are low foaming anionic surfactants. They have a high thermal and chemical stability and can be used at any pH. Due to their chemical structure their performance properties range between the typical properties of anionic and non-ionic surfactants.

In their application the MARLOWET® ether carboxylic acids are typically neutralised with alkanolamines or alkalimetal hydroxide to the corresponding ether carboxylates. Due to their chemical structure these can be regarded as high water soluble soaps. They differ from soaps due to the polyalkylene chain which improves the applications properties such as hard water tolerance, solubility and lubricity.

MARLOWET® LVS is a mixture of fatty acid polyethylene glycol esters, and is an emulsifier for vegetable oils. It has a clear liquid appearance at 20°C, an iodine color number of < 10mg I/100 ml, an emulsion (5% of oil solution in fully demin. water) of > 1 hour, and a density at 20°C of about 0.93 g/ml.



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Sasol Performance Chemicals 沙索功能化学品

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