GEOlube® B 46 

GEOlube® B 46 is a monol initiated propylene oxide homo-polymer manufactured to provide a viscosity of 46 cSt @ 40°C. The GEOlube® B-Series of products find extensive application when manufacturing and formulating various water insoluble lubricants, such as gear and calender lubricants, compressor lubricants, metal working formulations, and textile lubricants.


产品技术规格书 TDS


GEO Specialty Chemicals is a world leader in the manufacturing of cost-effective, high-quality specialty chemicals. Their lubricants improve efficiencies, reduce torque and drag, extend lateral penetration and reduce drilling time, and they provide many other benefits. The company also offers strong and versatile production capabilities with plants strategically located worldwide to reduce costs for customers.


GEO Specialty Chemicals

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