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GEOlube® NF46 2191


GEO Specialty Chemicals目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

GEOlube® NF46 2191 is an intermediate concentrate derived by blending mono-ethylene glycol with GEOlube® Concentrate NF46 4005. Supplying as concentrates allows formulators to use locally sourced glycol and water and therefore minimises transport costs. Concentrates also offer considerable flexibility in blending finished hydraulic fluid. It is possible, for example, to select different glycols and different water contents to arrive at fluids offering various levels of performance. GEOlube® NF46 2191 is manufactured to provide a viscosity of 370 cSt @ 40°C, which makes provides easier handling than NF46 4005.


GEO Specialty Chemicals is a world leader in the manufacturing of cost-effective, high-quality specialty chemicals. Their lubricants improve efficiencies, reduce torque and drag, extend lateral penetration and reduce drilling time, and they provide many other benefits. The company also offers strong and versatile production capabilities with plants strategically located worldwide to reduce costs for customers.



GEO Specialty Chemicals

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