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DA-8527 is a stabilized chlorinated fatty acid designed to offer lubricity and wetting characteristics, as well as extreme pressure properties, to the fluids in which it is incorporated. DA-8527 exhibits good adherence to metal surfaces and provides EP properties to the incorporated fluids. DA-8527 can be made water soluble when neutralized with a slight excess of an alkanolamine which makes it a good chlorinated additive for synthetic fluids. Starting guidelines are 3-10% by weight in the fluid.


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Dover Chemical Corporation – Lubricant Additives is a producer of lubricant additives for the Lubricant and Metalworking Fluids industry. This company offers a broad range of water based metalworking fluids, Chlorinated paraffins, and extreme pressure additives for use in lubricant films, neat oils, and semi-synthetic fluids. Most of these products are single components that can be customized into blends.


Dover Chemical Corporation - Lubricant Additives

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