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KEIL-FLO™ 150 

KEIL-FLO™ 150 is a 50% active hydrocarbon derived pour point depressant. It improves low temperature properties of fluids by inhibiting wax crystal and gel formation. KEIL-FLO™ 150 is ashless and does not promote corrosion. KEIL-FLO™ 150 exhibits exceptional performance in paraffinic stocks with visocosities up to 250 SUS.at 100°F.


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Dover Chemical Corporation – Lubricant Additives is a producer of lubricant additives for the Lubricant and Metalworking Fluids industry. This company offers a broad range of water based metalworking fluids, Chlorinated paraffins, and extreme pressure additives for use in lubricant films, neat oils, and semi-synthetic fluids. Most of these products are single components that can be customized into blends.


Dover Chemical Corporation - Lubricant Additives

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