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Dow™ SYMBIO Base Fluid 

Dow™ SYMBIO Base Fluid is a biodegradable blend of polyalkalene glycol and high oleic canola oil. It features superior anti-wear performance, deposit control (non-sludging), thermo-oxidative stability, and component and fluid compatibility. This product can be used to formulate hydraulic fluids or other industrial products such as metalworking fluids, chain oils, and biodegradable greases.




Dow Chemical’s UCON™ line of high performance synthetic fluids and lubricants are polyalkylene glycol-based, allowing for incredible variation and control. They are far superior to petroleum-, animal-, and vegetable-derived oils and lubricants. Dow’s UCON™ products are well-suited to many applications such as hydraulic fluids, quenchants, machinery, gear, and bearing lubricants, and compressor lubricants.



Dow Chemical - UCON Fluids and Lubricants

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