UCON ADVANTA™ Hydrolube Concentrate 

UCON ADVANTA™ Hydrolube Concentrate is a water glycol hydraulic fluid (WGHF) technology used in fluid formulations that provide improved fire resistance while protecting equipment under severe service conditions. This product is designed particularly for hydraulic systems utilizing vane, gear, and piston hydraulic pumps used in the steel, aluminum, and die-casting industries.



Dow Chemical’s UCON™ line of high performance synthetic fluids and lubricants are polyalkylene glycol-based, allowing for incredible variation and control. They are far superior to petroleum-, animal-, and vegetable-derived oils and lubricants. Dow’s UCON™ products are well-suited to many applications such as hydraulic fluids, quenchants, machinery, gear, and bearing lubricants, and compressor lubricants.



Dow Chemical - UCON Fluids and Lubricants

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