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Lexolube® FG-46 HX1 

Lexolube® FG-46 HX1 is a high performance synthetic polyol ester base fluid for the food processing industry. It achieves the NSF international HX-1 ranking for use in and around food processing areas under the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570. Food Plants that use exclusively H1 lubricants do not need to report under the HACCP hazard requirement.


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Zschimmer & Schwarz supplies high performance synthetic ester ingredients for the lubrication industry. Synthetic esters are the most versatile of all lubricant base stocks and can be optimized for almost any application. Focus markets include food processing lubricants, high temperature applications, metalworking and environmentally friendly fluids.


Zschimmer & Schwarz (formerly Inolex)

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