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Pearly Face Cream (Formulation #C CF PeC 1) 

This formulation utilizes Prodhybase® GLA, an ester of stearic acid and glycerol, to create a desired consistency. Pam Extract® heals and moisturizes with anti-aging effects, anti-comedon, anti-blemish, anti-inflammatory, and acts as a sebum regulator to control sensitive, oily skin. Pearl Concept® offers a velvety finish and is very easy to use. In compacted formulas, the product will have a soft and silky touch. The product is preserved by Prodhyseptine MIT.



Laboratoires Prod'Hyg has many years of experience with raw materials and innovative technologies for the cosmetics industry. The company has very advanced and reactive sourcing, and they offer products that range from commodities to specialized products. They also offer many organic products, which are certified by Qualite France and Ecocert.


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