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Activated Conditioner - For Perming Products (Formulation #C1547) 


Croda 禾大

Activated Conditioner - For Perming Products (Formulation #C1547) is a featured formulation. The presence of cystine/cysteine residues in keratin protein chains offers a mechanism for covalent bonding of the protein to hair via disulphide links formed during a reduction/oxidation treatment. This 'activated conditioning' concept is used in this perm maintenance product.

Croquat™ WKP is the keratin derived protein that conditions using the disulphide interchange reaction, which is only initiated when the hair is in the reduced state. As a speciality protein, Croquat™ WKP can 'mop up' residual thiol groups present in the hair and provide a degree of permanent conditioning.



Croda is a leading innovator and supplier of specialty raw materials for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Croda’s team of technologists have developed unique technologies that combine natural raw material sourcing with creative chemistry to provide exceptional solutions for current and future industry trends in hair care, skin care, sun care, and color cosmetics, while maintaining Eco-friendly standards.


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