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Skin Lightening Cream with UV Protection (Formulation #C2226) 


Croda 禾大

Skin Lightening Cream with UV Protection (Formulation #C2226) is a formulation that features products supplied by Croda. This skin lightening formulation incorporates the Sederma product, Medaclear 2 as a replacement for Hydroquinone. Medaclear 2 provides a soft de-pigmentation effect by the enzymatic elimination of strongly pigmented surface skin cells accompanied by slowing down of the melanin synthesis.

Crosterol™ Optima is a natural lipid, rich in vital sterols, producing one of the most effective moisturisers and emollients known to cosmetic science. Cropure™ Borage is a high quality Super Refined vegetable oil, which imparts moisturisation to the skin.



Croda is a leading innovator and supplier of specialty raw materials for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Croda’s team of technologists have developed unique technologies that combine natural raw material sourcing with creative chemistry to provide exceptional solutions for current and future industry trends in hair care, skin care, sun care, and color cosmetics, while maintaining Eco-friendly standards.