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Chemours™ Glypure™ Skin Care Day Cream with Sunscreen (Formulation #C-10883) 

含DuPont™ Glypure®的日霜,羟基乙酸成分有效渗透至肌肤,调节表皮的水分含量,刺激胶原蛋白合成,促进细胞的新陈代谢以改善纹理及因日晒受损的肌肤。同时,也是高效的pH调节剂。



The Chemours Company FC, LLC is a leading manufacturer and developer of fluorochemical, fluoropolymer, specialty, and industrial chemical ingredients used in Personal Care and Cosmetics applications. Glypure™ glycolic acid from Chemours is used extensively in skin and hair care products. Glypure’s use in skin care products helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles providing for more youthful looking skin. In hair care its use imparts manageability, heat resistance, and strength to hair.


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