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Bust Up (Formulation #031602/2) 


Solabia Group

Moisturizing and protecting, Bust Up gets a "treatment comfort" extensive for the bust. It protects the fragile beauty of this zone thanks to the Second Skin effect, Glycofilm®: a sensorial and protector interactive matrix. It participates in the tensor effect which brings a natural hydration spring and an energizing effect with Nutrimel® Skin for a long-term cutaneous comfort. Apply on breasts by raising up until the neck basis.



Solabia Group manufactures active ingredients and plant extract for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Solabia’s active ingredients include poly-unsaturated fatty acids, hydro-sensorial moisturizers, polysaccharides, prebiotics, lysine and arginine peptides and more. Their ingredients offer desirable effects such as moisturizing, anti-aging, hair repairing, hair protecting, skin care and more.