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Nutricaps Face (Formulation #003805/2) 


Solabia Group

Permanently attacked, the face skin gradually loses its radiance and natural defenses. Restructuring and anti-inflammatory active Ω6 Ceramide®, allows you to protect the cutaneous integrity. As for Bioecolia®, it rebalances and stimulates the cutaneous Ecoflora considered as the first defense barrier of the organism towards the external aggressions. Finally Peptiskin® helps to fight against the cutaneous aging.



Solabia Group manufactures active ingredients and plant extract for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Solabia’s active ingredients include poly-unsaturated fatty acids, hydro-sensorial moisturizers, polysaccharides, prebiotics, lysine and arginine peptides and more. Their ingredients offer desirable effects such as moisturizing, anti-aging, hair repairing, hair protecting, skin care and more.