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Polyscreener (Formulation #021801/10) 


Solabia Group

The repeated attacks on the face and the body decrease their beauty step by step. Like a space suit, Polyscreener is a real interactive protective screen, a combination of Glycopatch® and Teflon, allying technological efficiency and cutaneous comfort to fight against external aggressions such as UV rays and pollution. Rely on Glycopatch®, a texturing matrix polysaccharide, to always make protection rhyme with well-being.



Solabia Group manufactures active ingredients and plant extract for Personal Care and Cosmetics. Solabia’s active ingredients include poly-unsaturated fatty acids, hydro-sensorial moisturizers, polysaccharides, prebiotics, lysine and arginine peptides and more. Their ingredients offer desirable effects such as moisturizing, anti-aging, hair repairing, hair protecting, skin care and more.

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