UL Prospector

Natural Preservatives and Colorants 


George Deckner

Natural-based ingredients are currently in demand due to consumer perception that they are safer and better for the environment. In this article, expert formulator George Deckner reveals useful information regarding "natural" preservative such as parabens, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, o-cymen-5-ol, and phenoxyethanol as well as "natural" colorants including annatto, carmel, carmine, beta carotene, guaiazulene, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxides.




George Deckner brings over 40 years of experience as a formulating chemist to his role as a personal care and cosmetics industry and cleaners expert at UL Prospector. He retired from Procter & Gamble in 2013, where he was a Victor Miles Research Fellow and one of the organization's top inventors, with 354 granted and filed global patents (201 U.S. patents). Currently, Deckner offers a suite of services for personal care and cosmetics industry professionals through Deckner Consulting Services.

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