Tagravit™ R1 

Tagravit™ R1 is a single layer spherical microcapsules loaded with spherical microcapsules, loaded with 7% pure Retinol. Tagravit™ R1 is the best solution for advanced signs of aging, reducing the potential for irritation. Tagra’s unique microcapsules delivery system enables optimal isolation and protection of Retinol from light, temperature, pH and other oxidizing agents in cosmetic formulations and ensures potent Retinol delivery. Retino7%l microcapsules delivery system is based on a unique Release on Demand™ (RND™) technology. The pure Retinol is released from the microcapsule upon application by simply rubbing the formulation onto skin.



Tagra is a personal care company focused on development, manufacturing and marketing innovative high performance encapsulated ingredients including vitamins, natural oils, pigments and UV filters. Tagra’s patented technologies provide solutions to instability and incompatability issues with emphasis on consumer satisfactory and compliance. Tagra’s ingredients are presently incorporated in skin care, oral hygiene and general consumer care formulations.


Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd.

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