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GENENCARE™ OSMS BA Lotion to Mask - Extreme Moisture and Osmoprotection (Formulation #SB2015_LR6) 

Lotion to Mask – Extreme Moisture and Osmoprotection是一种由DuPont Industrial Biosciences公司的Rigano Studio设计的肌肤护理配方,它使用了GENENCARE™ OSMS BA。它是一种非常独特的乳液,在面部按摩应用的过程中会逐渐的形成一个面膜。其外观为白色乳液状。



DuPont Industrial Biosciences is focused on delivering natural active ingredients to the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry, to help answer increasing consumer need for a more natural approach to personal care. DuPont™ GENENCARE® is a line of natural active ingredients identified and extracted by DuPont to improve performance and enhance the user's experience across a wide range of skin, hair and color cosmetic applications.


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