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GENENCARE® OSMS Balancing Ritual Light Cream (Formulation #074/15005.07) 

Daily cream with a light texture for oily skin types. This formula has a proven efficacy to normalize and improve oily skin. A four-week clinical study on 40 volunteers has demonstrated a significant decrease of the skin surface lipid rate (sebumetric measurements) by 21% and of the number of dilated pores (Visioface® standardized photograph analysis) by 11%, compared to the initial measurements. The addition of GENENCARE® OSMS MI, a natural osmoprotectant will help to keep the right water balance and stimulate cell metabolism for a healthier skin and look.



DuPont Industrial Biosciences is focused on delivering natural active ingredients to the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry, to help answer increasing consumer need for a more natural approach to personal care. DuPont™ GENENCARE® is a line of natural active ingredients identified and extracted by DuPont to improve performance and enhance the user's experience across a wide range of skin, hair and color cosmetic applications.

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