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GENENCARE® OSMS Balancing Ritual Soft Scrub Mask (Formulation #E-16/W-0031/08) 

Purifying and moisturizing cream mask that, after drying and under massage, transforms into soft gummy particles and leaves the skin clean and smooth. Purifies, cleans and moisturizes the skin. The sebum excess is absorbed by the starch during the pause, while the cream texture keeps the skin well moisturized. Then the skin is deeply cleaned by the gentle mechanical action, wiping-off the dead cells and other skin impurities from the skin surface. The combination of GENENCARE® OSMS osmoprotectants will reinforce the skin barrier, moisturize and protect the skin against dehydration. As a weekly ritual, apply an even thin layer of cream on your face. Leave for 5-10 min to dry, and then rub it gently until it forms soft gummy particles. Keep massaging for a deeper scrubbing and cleansing effect. Finalize the cleansing with the harmonizing micellar water.



DuPont Industrial Biosciences is focused on delivering natural active ingredients to the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry, to help answer increasing consumer need for a more natural approach to personal care. DuPont™ GENENCARE® is a line of natural active ingredients identified and extracted by DuPont to improve performance and enhance the user's experience across a wide range of skin, hair and color cosmetic applications.


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