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Calming Herbal Lip Butter Balm (Formulation #BCI0802) 



Calming Herbal Lip Butter Balm is a luxurious, antioxidant-rich balm specifically designed to help soothe and comfort troubled lips and minds. This balm is based upon Biochemica® Lavender Butter that has the aroma reminiscent of wild lavender growing in the Parisian countryside. Our lavender butter delivers the clinically proven power of lavender, which produces soothing, calming, and near sedative effects. Biochemica® Chamomile Butter delivers the very same clinically proven benefits of chamomile when used in aromatherapy, however it also contains constituent oils from the flower that provide strong anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. Biochemica® Palm Butter RefOrg (Refined Organic) is present as a naturally occurring, ultra refined and USDA certified ingredient containing great antioxidant power from tocopherols and tocotrienols. It is added to aid in free radical scavenging, cell regeneration, and to assist in moisturization. Further benefits to the skin are provided by the antioxidants in Biochemica® Vitamin E Nat (Natural) and Biochemica® Shea Butter HMP’s assist with cutaneous dryness. Biochemica® Lanolin Anhydrous contributes excellent moisture binding and humectant properties. Biochemica® Jojoba Butter adds silky, elegant feel while Biochemica® Olive Oil-Ult Ref (Ultra Refined) brings excellent spreadability to complete the formulation.







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