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Hair Relaxer Regular Base (Formulation #JZ5-258C) 



This Calcium Hydroxide-based relaxer base makes use of HallStar® NCD-20 as the primary emulsifier. It is designed for use with Hair Relaxer Regular Activator JZ5-259D as follows: Wear impermeable gloves. Combine equal amounts of Hair Relaxer Regular Base JZ5-258C and Hair Relaxer Regular Activator JZ5-259D in a plastic bowl. Mix with a wooden spoon until the blend is completely homogeneous. Perform strand test, isolating a small section of inconspicuous hair from the underlayer and smoothing blend into hair without pulling or stretching hair. After about 12 minutes for fine, 15 minutes for medium or 18 minutes for coarse hair, rinse strand thoroughly with warm water. Apply a color-change neutralizing shampoo and rinse out completely. Examine the strand. If it breaks easily, do not relax entire head of hair. If not sufficiently relaxed, increase smoothing time by no more than 3 minutes. If results are satisfactory, continue relaxing process. Rinse after optimized time, smooth the neutralizing shampoo in, after one minute gently distribute lather, then rinse and repeat shampooing process until the shampoo foam no longer changes color on the hair. Apply leave-in conditioner.







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