Pollution Barrier Daily Wear (Formulation #CS15-007-07G) 



With the rainy season, pollution becomes a main concern for your skin, which needs enhanced protection. Pollution Barrier Daily Wear is a pleasant light touch cream containing natural film-forming emollients, such as Sensolene® Care DD as well as natural oils including Biochemica® Coconut Oil EV Org, which helps reinforce the skin barrier by creating a light screening film to protect the skin from the negative effects of pollution, with no occlusive effect.

Olivem® 1000 and Oliwax® LC, thanks to their ability to create a liquid crystals network, improve skin hydration and deliver water-soluble active ingredients to maximize the anti-oxidant and calming action of Eurol® BT and Panthenol. Pollution Barrier Daily Wear also contains additional anti-pollution natural functional ingredients, such as Biochemica® Rosehip Oil Ref, Biochemica® Matcha Green Tea butter and Biochemica® Wheat Germ Oil Ref, able to fight the oxidative stress due to pollution and UV rays and to improve skin elasticity for a brightening, clear, healthy complexion.