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Cooling After Sun Foam (Formulation #9107) 

This guideline formulation for a cooling after sun foam (without propellant) with Jojoba oil contains CERALUTION H as an excellent emulsifier and efficient dispersant to get O/W-emulsions for skin care. COSMACOL EBI is a good solubiliser and contributes the reduction of stickiness in O/W formulations. The use of COSMACOL EOI and COSMACOL EMI results in a pleasant velvet and non greasiness feeling.

PARAFOL 12-97 and COSMACOL OE are very light and good spreading emollients. COSMACOL esters contribute additional properties such as keratolytic effects, moisturizing properties and sebum regulation features. Furthermore COSMACOL esters have an effect on viscosity adjustment The use of Ethanol, Menthol and Menthyl Lactate contributes a pleasant cooling effect.



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