A Formulation Concept for Transparent Shower Oils without Cocamide DEA 

Transparent shower oils are an established product group in the European market and are getting popular also in other regions. This product group typically contains ca. 50% oil components and ca. 50% surfactants. Two typically surfactants are MIPA Laureth Sulfate and Laureth-4. A large number of transparent shower oils available in the market still contains Cocamide DEA which may generate by-products not safe for the human health. There is therefore a need in a formulation concept for transparent shower oils being free of Cocamide DEA. Sasol offers this formulation concept which is based on the water free and liquid MARLINAT 242/90 MC (INCI: MIPA Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol) and MARLOSOL PK 9040 (INCI: Laureth-4). The formulation concept offers high formulation flexibility in terms of surfactant and oil content.



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