Natural Beauty Butter (Formulation #1284-1.08) 



This formulation produces a natural, moisturizing butter. EMULIUM® MELLIFERA is used as an O/W emulsifier in this formulation, while COMPRITOL® 888 CG is used as a thickening agent. LIPOCIRE™ A is an emollient, feeling agent, and texture agent, and GATULINE® SKIN REPAIR BIO imparts moisturizing and repairing benefits to the skin.



Gattefossé develops and manufactures specialty ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. They specialize in lipochemistry, biology, and extraction of cosmetic actives of vegetable origin and natural sources. Gattefossé also has expertise in the formulation of skin care products. Products have application in body lotions, sunscreens, cosmetic foundations, hair care and more.