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“Unmask Magic” Hair Mask (Formulation #324-06454-0416 CDP) 

The combination of SoftCAT™ Conditioning Polymers, UCON™ Fluid AP, and POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins work together to help formulators create deep conditioning hair products with outstanding anti-frizz effects, curl definition, easy comb- ability, and controlled hair volume, leaving hair feeling soft and beautiful, while also allowing the flexibility of formulating with or without silicones. Our technology offerings create value by being the point of differentiation that sets our customers’ products apart and enhances the consumer experience.



Dow Consumer & Industrial Solutions是个人护理产品和化妆品的主要开发商和生产商。其 ACUDYNE™系列头发定型树脂具有优异的定型以及防潮性能,且不剥落。METHOCEL™系列水溶性纤维素(甲基纤维素和羟丙基甲基纤维素)酯具有优异的增稠,粘合,成膜以及水分保持性能。


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