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Promois WK-HSIGF 

INCI 名称:

Hydrolyzed Keratin PG-Propyl Methylsilanediol (and) Aqua

Promois WK-HSIGF is a silylated derivative type of hydrolyzed keratin. It protects and repairs hair, and improves its texture by a heat enhancing effect that results in the formation of a film on the hair in response to heat from hair dryers or hair ironing. Keratin is one of the structural proteins composing the stratum corneum, hair, and nails. It comprises 80% of human hair. In terms of its amino acid composition, it has cystine, which is rarely seen in any other kinds of protein. In association with disulfide bond, it has a very unique molecular structure, so the peptide is well cross-linked. Because of this structure, many functional end groups such as amino groups and carboxyl groups exist within a single molecule. Consequently, high adsorption can be achieved with keratin. This product is paraben free. Promois series is peptide, obtained through the hydrolysis of natural proteins, and their derivatives.




SEIWA KASEI Co., Ltd. develops chemicals from the hydrolysis of various natural materials, such as proteins. They evolved the technology by developing various chemically-modified derivatives of hydrolyzed protein(peptide). Their innovative technology for the fusion of peptide and silicone has allowed them to develop unique new hybrid polymers. Recently they develop the whole new technology, fusion of glycerin and physiological active substance, resulting in the birth of novel functional ingredients, such as arginine derivative and vitamin C derivatives. The company aims to maintain its unique identity while continuing to respond to the increasingly diverse requirements of their customers.



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