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Amitose DGA Gel (Formulation #P-0189) 

这款配方包含维生素C衍生物(Amitose DGA)的组合。由于它有非离子性质,可以轻松应用于凝胶配方中。



SEIWA KASEI Co., Ltd. develops chemicals from the hydrolysis of various natural materials, such as proteins. They evolved the technology by developing various chemically-modified derivatives of hydrolyzed protein(peptide). Their innovative technology for the fusion of peptide and silicone has allowed them to develop unique new hybrid polymers. Recently they develop the whole new technology, fusion of glycerin and physiological active substance, resulting in the birth of novel functional ingredients, such as arginine derivative and vitamin C derivatives. The company aims to maintain its unique identity while continuing to respond to the increasingly diverse requirements of their customers.

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