Protective Omega Face Cream (Formulation #AAK-09-10tili) 



This protective moisturizing light face cream is based on natural vegetable oils which stimulate and protect the skin by reducing oxidative stress. The cream contributes natural sterols, which have cell membrane stabilizing properties similar to cholesterol, which strengthen the natural repairing processes of the skin. A stabilized oil blend providing an optimal balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, delivers longer shelf-life with improved moisturization and soothing effects. The natural emulsifiers based on citrates and lactates improve skin elasticity and firmness.



AAK Personal Care is a leading supplier of natural based functional ingredients for use in skin care, hair care, colour cosmetics and other personal care applications. AAK is a Swedish company with over a century's experience in processing high-performing lipids derived from natural, renewable raw materials. AAK Personal Care Functional Ingredients include naturally-derived bioactive lipids, bioactive emollients, performance emollients, high stability base emollients, surfactants, structuring agents, and emulsifiers.