Moisturising Scalp Serum (Formulation #AAK-14-225tili) 



This formulation is an elegant, moisturising, well spreading massage cream based on natural lipids intended to relax stressed, dry scalp. Lipex SheaLight™ provides a light, non-greasy feel, while oxidatively stable Lipex omega oils and bioactives deliver skin nourishing properties and protection against environmental stress. Lipex PreAct™, Lipex Cellect™ and Lipex SheaTris™, three naturally derived bioactives, help to soothe and improve skin health while bringing moisture to fight dryness. Also includes our natural and efficient Akoline™ emulsifiers based on citrates and lactates to promote skin repair.



AAK Personal Care is a leading supplier of natural based functional ingredients for use in skin care, hair care, colour cosmetics and other personal care applications. AAK is a Swedish company with over a century's experience in processing high-performing lipids derived from natural, renewable raw materials. AAK Personal Care Functional Ingredients include naturally-derived bioactive lipids, bioactive emollients, performance emollients, high stability base emollients, surfactants, structuring agents, and emulsifiers.