Moisturising Day & Night Cream (Formulation #AAK-14-271B) 



This is a simple, but effective cream based on a stable and safe vegetable emollient, Akogel™, combined with a velvety ester, Lipex SheaLight™. It spreads smoothly delivering light, but substantive emolliency and moisturisation all day long. The Emulsion is based on Akoline PG7™ - emulsifier forming spontaneously liquid crystalline phases. The cream can be a base for day/night creams as well as body lotions.



AAK Personal Care is a leading supplier of natural based functional ingredients for use in skin care, hair care, colour cosmetics and other personal care applications. AAK is a Swedish company with over a century's experience in processing high-performing lipids derived from natural, renewable raw materials. AAK Personal Care Functional Ingredients include naturally-derived bioactive lipids, bioactive emollients, performance emollients, high stability base emollients, surfactants, structuring agents, and emulsifiers.