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Ruscus Hydroglycolic Extract 

INCI 名称:

Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract


Neyber SAS

Ruscus Hydroglycolic Extract is a yellow-brown homogeneous translucent liquid with a characteristic odor. It is an astringent, and has anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Widely used in treatments against cellulite and for its vasoconstrictor and antiedematous properties, which simultaneously make of it great helper in the treatment of red and delicate face skin, in conditions such as rosacea. Also used for hair disorders.


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Neyber SAS is a leading producer in botanical extracts for use in the personal care and cosmetics industry. Neyber's natural ingredients keep all the biological activity that the fresh plants possesses ensuring that the development and production is nature friendly. Product lines include essential and fixed oils, liposomed extracts, hidroglycolic extracts, and blends.


Neyber SAS

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