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Hair and Body Shampoo (Formulation #L068-2.1-0214) 

这是一款环保型头发身体香波配方。它提供光滑和天鹅绒般的肤感,并有流畅的护理性和良好的梳理效果。它使用了dermofeel® quadegra,是一种生物可降解且环保的调理剂。



Evonik Dr. Straetmans is known for ground-breaking developments in the field of antimicrobials. Under the trade names dermosoft® and Verstatil® multifunctional and antimicrobial ingredients which became synonym for pioneering inventions for the preservation of cosmetic products have been made available to the market. Consultancy and microbiological services are further elements of Evonik Dr. Straetmans approach to provide ideal preserving solutions for individual customer demands. Pursuing the motto “Intelligence behind beauty” we completed our product portfolio by a range of mainly nature derived emulsifier - and solubilizer systems, oil components, conditioning agents as well as antioxidants and chelators which are marketed under the brand names dermofeel®, symbio® or Amylomer®.


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