Surfactant Base Formulation With Deposilk™ Q Series Polymers (Formulation #B002) 

Surfactant Base Formulation With Deposilk™ Q Series Polymers (Formulation #B002) provides formulators with an illustration of Deposilk Q Series Polymers’ rheological benefits in a surfactant-based system. Viscosity enhancement, along with deposition and sensory benefits, can provide formulators with increased flexibility in the creation of effective wash-off formulations.



Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (now Evonik) promote and manufacture inventive and documented ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Their polymer platforms afford them exceptional and multi-functional benefits that can entitle separate consumer product characteristics. They are a world-wide provider for hydrogen, nitrogen and other industrial gases for numerous applications. Their ROVI active ingredient products, encapsulated ingredients (ROVISOMES™) and specially devised solutions (Cellular Actives™), demonstrate their proficiency in skin biochemistry, physiology and dermal delivery systems.


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