Hair Detailing Spray with Intelimer® 8600 Polymer (Formulation #H010) 

Hair detailing spray with Intelimer® 8600 polymer is designed to provide an easy-to-use spray formulation which users can apply in order to benefit from Intelimer® 8600 polymer's multi-faced hair care benefits. These benefits include style-restyle capabilities, superior hold and durability, and excellent curl memory. The formulation also highlights Intelimer® 8600 polymer's compatibility with alcohols like ethanol.



Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (now Evonik) promote and manufacture inventive and documented ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Their polymer platforms afford them exceptional and multi-functional benefits that can entitle separate consumer product characteristics. They are a world-wide provider for hydrogen, nitrogen and other industrial gases for numerous applications. Their ROVI active ingredient products, encapsulated ingredients (ROVISOMES™) and specially devised solutions (Cellular Actives™), demonstrate their proficiency in skin biochemistry, physiology and dermal delivery systems.


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