Natural Appearing Foundation with Transparent Iron Oxides (Formulation #KLF-049B) 

Natural Appearing Foundation with Transparent Iron Oxides (Formulation #KLF-049B) contains Kobo's transparent Iron Oxide Dispersions, TNP55TRR and TNP55TRY, which have a high tint strength without coverage. Kobo's Pigmentary Dispersions, TNP80BNFSI (black iron oxide) and SW65U (Titanium Dioxide), help to give the shade and slight coverage. TNP40VTTS, Kobo's Attenuation Grade Dispersion, gives SPF protection. MSS-500W spherical silica gives slip during application and reduces shine on the skin. SUMECTON SAN-P gives thickness to the formula. SF1555 and Element14 PDMS 5-A give slip to the formula during application and SS4267 helps with wear.



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