Blemish Balm Crème with SPF Featuring BW-11SP (Formulation #KLF-060A-CH) 

Blemish Balm Crème with SPF Featuring BW-11SP (Formulation #KLF-060A-CH) features Kobo's new BW-11SP treated pigments and fillers, which disperse easily in formulas and provide outstanding coverage. Kobo's Titanium Dioxide Dispersion TNP50T7 helps achieve SPF and MSS-500W gives excellent application and soft focus. Glycospheres, Gs-GT and Gs-PPY, aid in skin whitening, cell turnover and acne control. SF1528 is an excellent W/O emulsifier, SF1555 helps with feel, and Element14 PDMS 5-A gives slip to the formula during application.



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