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Lipstick with OD Dispersions (Formulation #KLP-060) 

This lipstick contains Kobo's Natural, OD, Pigmentary dispersions. They contain patented NJE, Natural Jojoba Ester surface treatment that enables pigment particles to be rendered hydrophobic. NJE pigments disperse easily, give slip, and adhere to lips. PM WAX 82 enhances rub resistance. KOBOGUARD® 5400 CCT gives gloss to the formula and helps to provide long wear properties. KTZ® INTERVAL BLUE provides a shimmering effect on the lips while SP-500 gives a glide-on application and helps to provide soft focus.



Since 1987 Kobo has been providing innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry. The product range includes Surface Treatments, Microspheres, Suncare and Color Dispersions, Silicone Fluids, Specialties, Natural Ingredients, Effect Pigments (KTZ® Pearls, KOBOPEARL®) and Delivery Systems.


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