Kobo Concentrate Mascara with MASCON LT-100 (Formulation #KMA-043) 

The MASCON LT-100 product combines the core ingredients for a mascara or eyeliner system at an optimized ratio, into one concentrated form, with only a few additional raw materials needed in the aqueous phase for a completed formula. These is a notable feat since this new technology supersedes traditional mascara processing which includes limitations such as weighing a large number of raw materials and working in batches to incorporate them, the heating and dissolution of the waxes and solid fatty acids or emulsifiers in powder form, and the milling or pulverization of pigments and powders.

One may simply create a dilute aqueous solution in manufacturing with choice of a gelling or thickening agent and any ancillary ingredients. Add the aqueous phase to the concentrate at room temperature and stir the two phases together in one tank until homogenous. This process will achieve a mascara or eyeliner product with excellent color and wear and for mascara, also good lengthening and thickening. MAKIMOUSSE 25 is used to thicken the formula.



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